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Mr Fabulous: Live from Austin, Texas!

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Mr Fabulous Songlist

Mr Fabulous Songlist

Mr Fabulous Songlist

Mr Fabulous Songlist

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Find out why MR FABULOUS and CASINO ROYALE have been the entertainment choice for such high profile groups as DISNEY, TIME WARNER, The AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION and the owner of the SAN ANTONIO SPURS to name a few. Mr. Fabulous and Casino Royale bring a piece of Las Vegas wherever they perform. They musically transport you to a 1960’s Las Vegas showroom. You can instantly recognize their songs, because you’ve heard such artists as Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin and Tom Jones sing them on recordings. Mr Fabulous and company perform arrangements similar to those used by SINATRA, BOBBY DARIN, DEAN MARTIN and COUNT BASIE, to name a few. In addition, they perform big band numbers from the 30's and 40's, movie themes from the 50's and 60's, and some Latin big band arrangements. Mr Fabulous transcends all age groups, young and old alike love to dance to the swinging Vegas beat of Mr Fab and Casino Royale. The tuxedo clad musicale ensemble consists of… Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drums,…and of course “The man with the license to thrill” Some of Mr Fabulous’ fans include, president of the United States, GEORGE W. BUSH. President Bush was so impressed by Mr Fabulous and Casino Royale, he invited them to Washington D.C., to perform at his PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL BALL for an audience of 14,000 people. No matter what your political persuasion, I think all will agree that it was indeed a great honor for Mr Fab and company to be invited to perform for the leader of the free world. Mr Fab is an equal opportunity performer…playing at both Democrat and Republican functions. Mr Fabulous is known as the "Entertainer's, Entertainer". Capturing a show business style and personality his fans adore. Mr. Fab, is not an “impersonator”, but the real thing, cut from the same cloth as a SINATRA, DEAN MARTIN or BOBBY DARIN. At one Mr Fab show, Director QUENTIN TARANTINO and GEORGE CLOONEY met with Mr Fabulous after his performance. They both enthusiastically declared:; “Mr Fabulous does live up to his name…HE IS FABULOUS!” Mr Fabulous is right at home on a Vegas stage with JAY LENO, and equally comfortable at your wedding reception or house party. If you want something special for your next party, wedding reception or convention, and you wish to make it an "EVENT"; Mr Fabulous and Casino Royale are your ticket to mirth, merriment and ENTHUSIASTIC COMPLIMENTS from your guests. Upon request, Mr Fabulous can add a guitar player / vocalist for clients that wish to have Rock and Roll, Country and Blues selections performed at their party. For clients that wish to do something unique for their event, we offer "THE MR FABULOUS BIG BAND ORCHESTRA"; a large 15-17 piece big band orchestra. In addition, we can add a female vocalist to the line up. Please let us know if you are interested and a price quote can be provided. Mr Fabulous has a fast moving show guaranteed to entertain your guests with no "dead air" between songs. The music and show Mr Fabulous performs will add class and sophistication to your wedding reception, fund raiser, or corporate event, while maintaining an air of merriment and fun. A good time guaranteed for all!!

THE FABULOUS MR FABULOUS I recently had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Fabulous and Casino Royale perform live at the Domain in Austin Texas. He put on a show that I personally feel is one of the best I have seen. He came on stage dressed to the nines with a 15 piece big band orchestra. They captured the sound, look and feel of Sinatra at the Sands with Count Basie almost to a T. When I went online to visit their website , I discovered that they play at private parties and cover a large array of music. Everything from big band jazz, motown, rock and roll and pop. Check out their version of "Aint Love A Kick In The Head" by Dean Martin and then scroll down and listen to "Daytripper" by the Beatles. Same band same singer but completely authentic. Unlike other bands who play many different styles and genres, Mr. Fabulous is very precise in his arrangements and won't perform a song in a half-assed manner as do many "wedding bands". And yes, they do weddings! In fact, one of my friends just got married and hired Mr Fabulous. I couldn't believe it! She held the reception at the Four Seasons in Austin and Mr Fabulous sang "Just The Way You Look Tonight" for the first dance. The bride and groom looked striking and with Mr Fabulous on stage it looked like something you would see in a old Hollywood movie. The evening was a blast. Mr Fabulous had the whole place jumping! What can I say. I am a fan and I would recommend this group to everyone. If you see them playing somewhere live, run out and grab a seat. If you are having a party or wedding, I couldn't think of a better band. (I personally cannot believe they do weddings, they are so much better than that. They should be playing Madsion Square Garden) Michael Bubble, you've got nothing on Mr. Fabulous! Janet G. (Austin, Texas)

MR FABULOUS @ JUDGE'S HILL I had Mr Fabulous play at my wedding reception at the Mansion on Judge's Hill, and he was indeed, "Fabulous". The band sounded like a million dollars, but we hired them for far less. Personally, I would have paid the band more, as they were worth every penny. They are very reasonably priced for the service they provide...World class entertainment for the cost of a local band. They showed up to the reception with their road crew and set up promptly, and the band started on time dressed in their tuxedos. Mr Fabulous hit the stage after the cocktail hour and wowed the crowd till the very end of our reception. Mr Fabulous made our wedding reception a night my friends and family will never forget. People that were at the wedding are still talking about them. I highly recommend Mr Fabulous for all of your entertainment needs. Sincerely, J. Lindsey (Austin, Texas)

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