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HotWax: Austin Texas' hottest show band!!

Austin's Premier Show Band has provided top quality entertainment for the last 20 years!
Hotwax is, in essence, a live celebration of classic soul music. Hotwax began in 1986
as a musical review that emulated the high energy, choreography and costuming of the 60's
soul music reviews. The Hotwax band established it's home base at Anchovies which was the
home of the popular band Duck Soup. Anchovies allowed Hotwax entry into the world of party
showbands. These events included: corporate events, charity fund raisers, opening for
touring bands and especially weddings. All became their regular gigs. The vocal harmonies
and powerful leads of their classical music requires multiple vocalists capable of singing
the back-up parts accurately. Hotwax has been blessed over the years to have had some of
the best singers in Austin perform with the band. And second, unlike most bands, Hotwax
stimulates the crowd both acoustically and visually. Although the musical and vocal prowess
is paramount, a singer for the Hotwax band must be able to dance as well. Practically every
song is choreographed. The boisterous interactive merrymaking, coupled with hard work and
sweat generated by the choreography, is what people remember. Of course none of this is
possible without the hard working musicians of Hotwax, each of whom are seasoned professionals
that have mastered their craft.

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