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The Doppelganger Variety Band: Live from Houston Texas!

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        Agent and Client Reviews  


Everything was fabulous - the band is the very BEST! One of best bands we know for this type event - very happy with the choice - just terrific and high quality.

I could tell from the first song they were going to be good.....Thank you!

Best,  Tim Stephens


From contracting to the actual band performing, Doppleganger provided our client's event entertainment with jaw dropping success. The band, from vocals to instrumentals, is one the very best we have worked with.

Dave Krupinski /Director of Tourism, Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau


 Hi Dave,

I checked out your website and the demo video for the band. Got to say that you've done an OUTSTANDING job on your demo! It truly is a great work and for those who know these things it conveys a sense of quality about the band and your sound. The video is the right length and gives a good variety of the music you play. I must say that the audio quality on the demo is superb, you really did a lot of work to get the mix that tight. It stands out in a field where most band demos and videos are so-so and compiled from their live shows. Only wish I had produced it with you. Will keep you in mind for future work.
 Richard Hoggatt




Dear Susie,     

  Doppelganger was absolutely fabulous! I had so many guests, especially from out of town, tell me it was the best band they had ever danced to.   The band played until 12:00 and then put on canned music and at 12:30 Joe had to tell every one that the party was over! I don't remember the band member's name who seemed to be "in charge" but he told me that they play parties every weekend and that ours was the best crowd he had played for. The dance floor stayed packed and at one time the band graciously let the groom's brother take over the drums for a song. He was thrilled! They also accompanied one of the bridesmaid's( who is lead singer for a band in NYC and is Bruce Hornsby's niece) as she sang and the other bride's maids danced back up. It was all so fun. The bride and groom stayed on the dance floor until 11:45 when they snuck out. Thank you and please tell Doppelganger how much we all loved them! If they ever need another glowing reference please feel free to call on me.

XO, Lisa


Doppelganger was AMAZING!  They were so much fun and got everyone out on the dance floor- even people that never dance.  Everyone had such a good time and we are still getting compliments about how awesome they were.  Please pass along our thanks to them and let them know how much fun they made our wedding! 

Thanks,  Brett and Erica Steil


Everything was fabulous.  The band was awesome.  David had actually played for my other daughter's wedding almost 8 years ago.  They just keep getting better and better.  I keep getting phone calls and emails from our friends and family expressing how much fun the wedding was.  Of course when you have great entertainment like " Doppelganger" how can you go wrong.
This was my last daughter to marry so I am done.  I will happily recommend your company to my friends.

Thanks, Norma


I can't say enough about Doppelganger..  They are so professional, very attentive to detail and they always communicate so well.  I wish I could use them for everything we do..  Dave is so on top of everything and is very reassuring.  His music director is fantastic and makes changes up to the last minute to make the members happy - so flexible, its unbelievable.  Everyone was dancing and having a great time.  They are such a danceable band.  I will recommend them as often as possible.

Kimberly Warren / Houston Country Club


Great job.  Kudos to all of you.  You were extremely outstanding and we are still hearing about it today.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect group of entertainers.  I will be calling you again.  You can bank on it.

Lisa Snell,

 Advisory Marketing Manager / Pricewaterhouse Coopers



I've gotta go overboard again on Doppelganger's performance for the 30th Annual RE/MAX of Texas Statewide Convention. At the very second our CEO offered a champaign toast, and said "Now Let's Party" you guys launched into a floor-packing medly of instantly-recognizable favorites that motivated our group to dance like maniacs!    Your sound was flawless every second....perfect volume, perfect balance, exactly the right call of flowing into another with subtle tempo changes like a master DJ, except there were nine consummate professional entertainers/musicians moving around on stage, dancing with the light show, and truly selling energy and enthusiasm to the audience. Please extend my words, reflecting the gratitude of everyone here, to your band and crew. 
There's a reason you've been at the very top of Houston's society dance
scene for over 30 years;   you guys are the very best at your craft.  Thanks
for making this our convention Awards Gala Finale the greatest ever in 30

Mike Sumerlin,
Marketing/Communication Manager
RE/MAX of Texas



Your group was so incredible the night of the Halliburton Party at the Houston Club. I continue to hear rave reviews. Truly, you were outstanding. Plus your group was fun, fun, fun!  Should I ever plan another venue, Doppelganger will be the first group I call. Happy New Year Dave. You all are a superior group!

                                                                                                                            Jeanne Clark

                                                                                                                            Executive Assistant Art Huffman and Thomas Roth


Dear Dave and all Members of Doppelganger;

Oh my goodness, what an awesome band ya'll are!!  The Band can really "rev up" the crowd!  But from what I saw, they were already reved up.   You all were wonderful from start to finish.  You were so professional, but oh so fun.  I am prejudiced.....but it was the best reception ever!   Mary Kyle & Mike and all their friends loved ya'll and had a ball...and "my age group" thought the same. So a huge thank you from our family.  Ya'll have to stay together until Allison gets married.  Mary Kyle & Mike wanted a party and they got it..

So thank you all!!

                               Linda Slaughter



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